Mirage MT?

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so i was wondering any of you out there jumping a mirage (g4) mt, if a 135 non cross braced canopy can fit in it?
i know everyone says dont go against the listing size from mirage, but then i heard someone say the mirage mt use to be listed up to a 135 main. and from another person i heard that the sizing for smaller mirages are list for cross braced canopys. so can anyone clarify if any of this is true? just thought id ask thanks

blue skies

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I have a G4 MT and my 120 Katana just gets in it. It's not tight but its a snug fit. I also had a Pilot 124 in a G3 MT and it was really snug. I don't think you would get a 135 in it. I might ad I demoed a Samurai 120 in the G3 and it was tight. Hope this helps.

Here are some pictures of my G4 MT with a Katana120 and an Optimum126 Reserve.


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