Sunpath build times?

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Rumor has it that they are spending all of their time working on fulfilling their military contracts and don't have time to take care of the little guy anymore.

Sort of ironic:

4 or 5 years ago when they were at 6 months and CPS (the new military company at the time) was growing the production was in Z hills with the sport rigs.
They moved military production to NC and the sport time went back down. Now they moved everything to NC and they are back up again. I am sure when they get settled back in from the extensive move it will drop again.
It is a pretty popular rig.

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I ordered my TJNK on June 23rd, and picked it up last Wednesday. It seemed like forever, but the rig is awesome! I'm also pretty pleased with the Sunpath customer service.

Now I'm waiting for my Icarus canopy. Hope it won't be too much over the quoted time :|

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