Vectran or HMA lines on a tandem canopy

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The only tandem canopies I know of that come standard with Spectra are the JoJo Wing built Hop330's, and the Aerodyne A2, and it's a poor choice IMO as the canopies are more susceptible to poor performance because of the trim issues Spectra brings.

Icarus Tandems come with Vectran, a material I'm not overly fond of, but it does do the job. It's very prone to tension knots after a while.

Precision canopies come with either Dacron or Vectran, I prefer the Dacron because of it's stability in trim, spring when loaded on openings, and it's durability.

Vector Sigma Tandem canopies come with Dacron.

HMA is a great line type, but I don't think it's right for tandems, there are harsher conditions placed upon tandem gear than is good for an HMA lineset. And there's not much need, having super cool go fast lines on a tandem canopy is like chrome plating a turd.
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we re-iine all Tandems that come through the loft with Vectran 1000 lbs with control lines being from 1500 lbs.

I also had a work canopy at the DZ where i work that had HMA but found I didn't like the openings as much. Felt somewhat spongy.
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As per heading:
Has anybody seen one?
If so, pros and cons?
Or they all come standard equipped with 1500 Spectra line set.

Thanks in advance.

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I do not know of any that come with HMO. I do know of operators that use spectra instead of vectran. They retrim the canopys at 300 jumps and then use them for 1000 jumps. Doing this is a little more economical for the operator. I feel they fly better with the Vectran yet we reline after 450 jumps where I jump.
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