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It's easy to get more than 40 bounces after 5 minutes of pratice if you follow these instructions:
Use a big window. Pay attention to the ball shadow, ball always bounces in the same location on your computer screen. Never stare at the ball. Keep your eye fixated only where the ball is about to bounce. Take advantage of all the red target squares everytime they appear (unless your ball is already bouncing off the top of the screen). Red target squares makes your ball bounces higher, don't chase after coins or treasure unless your ball is already bouncing off the top of the screen because of lots of red target squares. Avoid radioactive squares.

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148 bounces and score of 15,400 on just my fifth attempt to play the game (I haven't played this game before). It's really easy -- just make sure you learn the rules quickly.

Edit: Yellow-gray striped squares should always be avoided, they kill bounce. Prioritize bouncing on:

1. Fixate your eye permanently in the same location of the screen (ball's shadow), never staring at ball.

2. Red-white target squares, EVERY time they appear, unless you're already bouncing well beyond top edge of screen.

3. Ignore the coins and treasure, unless there's no red-white target squares and you're already bouncing very high. Then, sure, go for it especially if the square is near the center (most favourable location to loiter in)

4. Avoid yellow-gray striped squares and ESPECIALLY orange radioactive squares. If no red-white target squares, bounce in one of the four centermost squares wherever possible if your ball is bouncing high. That way, it's easier to flick to any corner if the red target square is there.

5. If no red-white target squares, remember that anything solid green or solid yellow is safe and fair game. Avoid other colors (blue, gray-yellow striped, or orange radioactive).

6. If you are bouncing very shallow, remember to fixate your eye at the ball shadow at all times. Leap at the nearest green or yellow squares as a survival instinct, and try to stay away from the corners if you have time.

7. Use an optical mouse (even a cheap $15 mouse, it has to be ball-less). You won't get high scores with an old computer mouse with the rubber ball. Even the cheap chinese made optical mice are much more accurate than the best traditional mice (which is now almost extinct in computer stores anyway).

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