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we use a ball with the chute and try to keep it in the air.
We have 5-6 boys go under the chute with 3-4 outside the chute the rest sit with thier legs under it. The boys under the chute are sharks they try to pull the other boys in, the boys on the outside are lifguards that may save the boys getting pulled under. If a boy is pulled under he becomes a shark too.
We play parachute tag, all the boys hold onto the edge and the leader the calls out something (like everyone with white shoes) the boys wearing that item them have to go under the chute to another side before a count of ten when the chute is pulled to the ground trapping them under.
There are a couple more too I just forgot some of the rules for now

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Where are you in WI? I might have at least one of what you are looking for. Old stuff is just in the way.

I'll be in Lancaster (SE WI) next Sunday and East Troy (SW WI) in two weeks.


''Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.'' - Ernest Hemingway

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