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Hi rhys,

A little story about Strong Ent. & hot knifes.

Back, many years ago, PIA used to put out a newsletter. I had been trying just about every hot knife there was and was very disappointed in all of them. Not hot enough or wouldn't last for 20 mins.

One day I get some info in the mail and this company makes hot knives among other things. So I call them & take a chance and buy one. They are ( IMO ) without any doubt the best hot knife there is. So I write up something about them and send it in to the PIA newsletter.

About a year or so ago I happen to being calling down to Strong Ent. and this guy answers, I tell him who I am and he proceeds to tell me that I am that guy who told them about those hot knives and they are fantastic. Who woulda guessed.

Oh BTW, the company is:

M. M. Newman Corp.
24 Tioga Way
P. O. Box 615
Marblehead, MA 01945

and it is their Model HK-60.

Just in the event that anyone would care,


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Here are some better pics from a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing the effect that the triple chamber cells have on the center of the canopy
Pete Draper,

Just because my life plan is written on the back of a Hooter's Napkin, it's still a life plan.... right?

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