Post your favorite jump planes tail number

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It's hard to see the tail number from the 69 position ! Call yourself N69LM

I love that number 69...on a jump aircraft...or not.

Years ago when I kept N69BS tied down at the Millville, NJ airport I saw a Grumman G3 at Airwork for an engine overhaul. The tail number was N69WW. I immediately thought "Wow, Sixty-nine World Wide".

I went to the chief mechanic and asked who owned the plane. He said he didn't know but gave me permission to go into to the cockpit and look at the registration. The registered owner was "Uptight Airways, Inc." from somewhere in California. No one at the hanger knew anything about Uptight Airways.

I knew some people in the main office so I went there to ask. Turned out, N69WW and Uptight Airways were owned by comedian Georg Carlin.

N69BS for me and N69WW for Carlin was about right.

I am not DB Cooper

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