LAX to Perris Fri 9th Dec

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Hi all,
I'm coming to Perris from the UK for the first time in December, and looking forward to it! B|

Is anyone heading that way and interested in sharing travel with us?

There are two of us, arriving at LAX on Friday December 9th around 3:30pm; I'm flying back the evening of Sat 17th and my friend on Jan 1st.

At the moment the easiest plan looks like Super Shuttle or a lift from the DZ, but I gather this will cost over $85 each way - similar to hiring a car!

The Greyhound bus is only $20 each but I haven't yet figured out how to get from the Airport to the bus station - can anyone help?

Look forward to meeting you Perris people!

Kat x

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Hey thanks for that! :)
Seems like a bit of a mission doesn't it! I think what I may do is take the long cheap way out there when we have all night to get to Perris, and book a shuttle back so I can make the most of my last day jumping time..

What kind of weather can we expect in December? I've only been to the area once before in May. Whatever it's like has to be warmer than here though, bloody freezing this week!! :S

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