Pictures of open Reserve Container

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It would be nice if someone knows a link or could post some pictures that show a open reserve container, so that I can see how the chute is stowed and get an idea of how it works.
I know how the rest of the gear works, but since I ultimately have to depend on the reserve I am kind of curious what it looks like inside the reserve compartment.

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The manuals of containers and/or reserve canopies describe the process of reserve packing, usually with a picture each step.
You can download these manuals from most of the manufacturer websites.

If you don't have your own container yet, here's the UPT Vector 3 for exapmle:


Hope I could help.

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According to your website the "Putting in the free bag" up to "Paperwork" part is done twice.
That's absolutely much work for 40, ehm 50$ :D

(edit - spelling)

I'm thorough - what can I tell ya! :P
Pete Draper,

Just because my life plan is written on the back of a Hooter's Napkin, it's still a life plan.... right?

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