Need new visor for FREEZR helmet (original). Will FREEZR MK-II visor fit?

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I have tried without a response -- It might be some kind of mail filter issue, I don't know - or that my English is hard to read by the germans... I had similiar difficulty earlier, when I lost one of the anchoring side caps...

Will try again with a different email address, and see if my email reaches them.

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That email is no good either. I give up on Paratec for now...

I'll just make do with the visor during this bigway camp, and get a more common North American skydiving helmet... Besides, replacement visors on will cost under $25 instead of $75 (according to paragear.com) ...

The FREEZR, while a really cool helmet, has not been without its flaws. The side caps keep popping off, and my right-hand cap (glossy red) is gone forever. They did away with those removable side caps for the FREEZR MK II which I am sure is much better, probably for this reason. So it may be time for me to call this helmet a write-off soon -- due to the high costs of replacement parts for this helmet and difficult-to-reach tech support *sigh*... And nobody on dropzone.com seems to know whether the visors are compatible! So hard to get information on! If I can somehow get the helmet fixed, I'll keep the FREEZR as a spare helmet. In the meantime, I jump with a somewhat worn-looking FREEZR, at least until I get a more common model such as Z1 or Oxygen. As a deaf guy, I generally don't make phone calls, but I may get somebody to call for me or use a relay service to make the call.

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