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Ok. Been a LONG time (almost a year?) since I posted last. *whew* Had to call Al-Anon and get a reprieve from the post whoring.


Ok, here's my new Italian Greyhound. His name is Max. Say hi Max! :)

I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.

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Chris, nice italian greyhound man. I love those dogs.

Below is my dog, Action Hank!, a 3 year old Italian Greyhound/Boston Terrier/shelter mutt, playing fetch at CSS. Everyone thinks that he's a little 20lb boxer or pitbull puppy>:(
Egad, A BASE life defiles a bad age.

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My 5 Belgian Tervuren:


Oh my! those are absolutely GORGEOUS dogs. I want one now. :)
Kevin - Sonic Beef #5 - OrFun #28
"I never take myself too seriously, 'cuz everybody know fat birds don't fly." - FLC
Online communities: proof that people never mature much past high school.

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