WTF is curling all about?

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I find curling quite entertaining to watch. I haven't a clue why though :D

I know! It's really odd. It should be horribly boring to watch, but it just isn't. It's weird and I like it even if I don't understand the first thing about the tactics and stuff.:SB|

Just yesterday afternoon I was watching women's curling. Okay, dudes, I'll admit that Cassie Johnson is my favorite Olympian to watch. If I wasn't married, she'd be my new girlfriend, assuming she'd be willing to give an ugly jerk like me a chance! http://www.usolympicteam.com/CassieJohnson2_h.jpg

And, check out this photo of Austrian Skip Claudia Toth. Any dude who isn't at least interested in women's curling after seeing this has got a problem.


Some of those women curlers are just luscious!

My wife is hotter than your wife.

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