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Confession time! Tell me what you've done recently that weighs on your guilty conscience>:(:P

Here's mine, though some mind not find it appalling, I feel a little bad & :$:

I bought a bed skirt this weekend (which come to find out is NOT a cheap purchase) to hide the chew spot at the bottom of the bed from my doggie.

As soon as I got it on the bed, said doggie chewed the corner of it and ripped it.

I returned with the bed skirt stating it came with a rip in it and I wanted an exchange.

I got my new bed skirt, actually a slightly more expensive one since they didn't have another in the one I bought;)
Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.

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Holy cow. Confess...confess. Where to start?

A neighbour keeps letting their dog dump right outside of my drive and my very nice neighbours and it is getting me really pissed. So the other day I picked the offending turd up (with a trowel) and lobbed it in their drive only to hit their car with it and it just stayed there, stuck to the car. Did I move it? Nope. I hope it was sundried to the paint work, tossers.

Hopefully my cat leaves it shit hidden in their garden.

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I got mad at my BF for running off to Cozumel without me. Granted I had a great weekend alone, but it still pisses me off that he'd go without ME. I know it's wrong, and I do feel guilty for getting so pissy....but still >:(

A conservative is just a liberal who's been mugged. A liberal is just a conservative who's been to jail

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I was given a styrofoam R/C glider for Xmas by a mother-in-law that decided I needed a hobby.

I followed the directions for assembly and noticed that the weight that came with it fit perfectly in the slot in the nose but was WAY too heavy and the CG was WAY off. Well, I figured that maybe the manufacture's designer knew more than I did so I put the weight in and we went off to fly it.

So I launched it with the giant rubber band that came with it. It took off, went straight up for 100ft and came right back straight down and splattered into a thousand pieces.

I diligently picked up all the peices, put them back into the box and returned it for a refund.
My reality and yours are quite different.
I think we're all Bozos on this bus.
Falcon5232, SCS8170, SCSA353, POPS9398, DS239

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