Riggers around Barstow, Vegas or Mesquite?

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I was thinking of driving up to Vegas tonight andget a few jumps in. I looked at my riggy and I need a repack.....yeah leave it to me to wait til the last minute. I am south of Fresno so any riggers between here and Mesquite that could do it this afternoon (in Cali) or tomorrow morning in NV would be like heaven! Of course I am willing to pay a bit more and a bottle of your choice! Help a brotha out!

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Uh if you EVER jump with Aubrey.. you will underrstand INSTANTLY......

Most poor little skydivers just cant keep up... and need a LOT OF LEAD....

Now.. if you can freefly.. on your head.. and keep a fairly fast headdown.. you will love jumping with him...;)

I did get a great video one of our jumps with Bozo and a couple other Flying Elvi.... in a 5 way with Aubrey... no camera wings needed for that jump...;)

Yo Aubrey.. check out the Skyfest thread in Bonfire. It is going to be at Chester SC.. Skydive Carolina in June.

We are talking about doing a SpeedSkydiving event... you REALLLLY need to come and compete.

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