Harness size?

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Yoke: width across the shoulders and length of the pads over the shoulders to the chest strap. "C" is what most men take.

MLW = main lift web = harness from 3-ring to hip. For Javelins, this is approximately your height in inches minus your inseam minus 20. For me: 70" tall - 32" inseam - 20 = 18. I should get a C-18 harness, more or less.

That's just a starting point. You be a little longer in the legs or torso than most, and C-18 (or whatever) doesn't say anything about how the harness should fit for thin or thick people.


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Can someone tell me what harness size C-19 is when talking about a jav Odd?


I have a Jav that has a C19 harness and I am 6'2" and have ranged between 190 and 215 while I have owned the harness and it fits wonderfully.

Seriosly though...how did you make it through 4 years in the sport and not know what a MLW was?[:/]
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