Pilot 168 in I4 Icon

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hi to all,
did anybody tried to put a Pilot 168 in Icon size I4. Do you recommend or not doing this. Does it have any influence on container's lifetime?
I want to buy also Smart 150 for this system. Will it work all together?
blue skies
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I have done it temporarily, but I wouldn't recommend it for a longer term solution.

The pilot 168 is snug in a I5 already.

I was leaving the I4 unpacked to keep from stressing the stitching and stiffeners in the closing flaps.
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The link below is the sizing chart for the Icon Harness Container System, and from this you can see that the Pilot 168 will not fit and is not recommended by Aerodyne, the packing of a Smart 150 into the Icon I4 will be snug, and we don't suggest going any bigger.


If you do pack a Pilot 168 into a Icon I4, you will be placing undue stress on the main container and the integrity of the stitching, stiffeners and grommets. And in the long term could damage the harness and possibly cause a safety issue.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this or any other questions

Blue Skies
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