wtf skydiving dreams

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I'm sure everyone gets them, but last night I was treated to a pretty cool one. I was walking along on the ground and the wind was crazy strong, but for some reason I wasnt blowing over. The cool thing that happened was that I decided it was strong enough for some freeflying. So I would run and jump forward (think in a superman position) and I would be "headdown" into the relative wind, and just hold there, then I could "backslide" up. So the wind was still sideways and I was head down into it, but I could backslide within the air column so I could actually start rising away from the ground. I could switch to stand or sit, and keep on flying up away from the ground, the wierd thing was that the wind wasnt really affecting the other people on the ground, just me. it was kind of like a sideways wind tunnel.

When I would finally get a couple hundred feet into the air, the wind would die out, and I would switch to a birdman position and glide back down the ground and kind of "flare" to a standing position and have the softest touchdown ever. Then the wind would pick up again and I'd freefly back up to alt.

After awhile I'd get to the ground and just decide to bird man back up to altitude so I'd run into the wind, spread my wings and up I'd go.

after the first few times to alt, I looked around and noticed that giant robots were destroying the city, so I started flying around the place and it got a good look at it all as I was "flying" around the city, it got kinda crazy action adventure after that but thought the freeflying part was fun.


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I just had a dream I was a soldier on a military transport and I was looking out the window and I saw a two way fly by like 40 feet out. I ran up to the front of the plane and started screaming at the pilot that he was flying under a load of skydivers and I looked up through the windshield and saw a CRW group to the left, the Golden Knights on a big way to the right and a plane directly above. No matter where we turned we were under another plane until finally he decided the safest place was close to the ground, and then we crashed into some power lines. Awesome.

I am 100% certain this was related to a thread I read written by diverdriver yesterday about flying under a load.

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