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Hello All. Had my first tandem dive today and am addicted. As I'm pretty psyched to get certified, what gear will I need as a beginner (just the starter stuff). Would like to know what pieces I need to assemble via e-bay, craigslist, etc., as well as any tips on buying the right gear (or warnings to avoid bad gear. What's it gonna cost me in toto?

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Best thing to do is to go work on your further jumps at your local dropzone. They will provide all the gear that is needed until you have 15-25 jumps and then you can rent the rest from them until you decide to get your own. Don't buy anything yet since the gear you need to make your student jumps will probally be different then the gear you choose to buy.

If you are still insisting on buying any gear on your own then start out with things like goggles since you can wear your own pair that might not be all scratched up like some schools gear can be. After that you might want to look for an altimeter, but don't do this until you are off student status since the instructors will have you jumping one brand the entire time and other makes might not be the same as they want you to learn on.
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