Help:opinion on Synergy canopy

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I have a few hundred jumps on a Synergy 170. I pack it like crap and it opens brisk but on heading. Sometimes I have to pump the brakes to get the slider down but I'm used to it now. I've never had a problem landing it - anywhere, but that's just me.

When I first got it I was 158 lbs before gear, Now I'm 191 before gear. I was up to 208 at one point. It has always treated me fine. I do like a quick opening (400-600ft) it has never slammed me.

I just had a brake line brake on opening a few weeks back. I'd like to say it was due but I think I didn't really slow down like I should have after spending the entire jump tracking for the DZ. It still didn't hurt.(Questionable weather, long spot, only me and a tandem with video on the plane.)

I could have landed it on rears, but it was going to be an off DZ landing and my first landing on rears, so I chopped it.

I really like the HMA lines. I would like to add that I got a synergy because I got a really good deal on it. Why not go ahead and get a 9 cell ZP? Everyone always asks me who makes my canopy or what am I jumping. I guess they are not very "mainstream" at the DZ's I have been to.

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