Our European Vacation...

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...getting cut short by injury.

After 7 days of base jumping in Norway, we made what would seem like a smart decision...climb down the mountain in bad weather. A good idea until I slip on a wet rock and my knee bends about 8" to the right. A nice loud breaking sound told me my vacation was coming to an end.

Oh well, shit happens.

Here are a couple of pics from our trip, though. It was good while it lasted.


I'm not conceited...I'm just realistic about my awesomeness...

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Looks like you had some beautiful jumps, Steve! :)
Oh, and BTW, it's really lame to get hurt on the climb down. :P

Just kidding... Hope you heal soon, and I'm glad to hear it wasn't worse. (Though I'm sure it sucked pretty bad anyway. [:/])

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