I have seen the light, and the light is as follows:

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Women of mixed European and Persian heritage :o

EDIT: I suppose I should explain.

I was at work today, and this girl came to the pool that was about, oh, 5'5", raven black hair, bright green eyes, medium-darkness skin (like a deep tan), and the nicest body I've seen in a loooong time. Ended up talking with her, and was about ready to propose by the end of the conversation :D Apparently her father is from Iran, and her mother is French. That's the new hotness right there!
cavete terrae.

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The question is did you ask her if she was married???

Lots a times, our lovely ladies wear rings to detur undesirables.

So get back there and get to work, and if she even gave you the time of day, the marrage can't be that good. imagine littin a lil vixen like that run wild, the nerve of some guys.

remember dumb people will amaze you.

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Man, back home we said that you already got the NO for sure, why not try for the YES? Get you ass back there and look for her. Did she gave you any details of how you can find her? Palce of work or something like that?

Wearing a wedding ring doesn't mean she's married and even if she is may be she is just about to get divorced or something like that.
I'm divorced and kept wearing my ring for about two years after all happened.

Blue ones

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