ZP and F1-11.

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I think if you had two otherwise identical mains that the F-111 one would pack smaller. However, I am not aware that you could find two canopies that fit that restriction, and other factors will weigh heavily on the final bulk issue. Even two identical ZP canopies of the same model and size built by the same people can vary several percent in volume.

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I mean thickness of the fabric... But I take it, its the same.

Fabric thickness is the same. As a general rule, an all zp canopy is going to pack up bigger (have a larger pack volume) than an all-F111 canopy of the same square footage. Therefore, a PD170 should pack nicely into the same space that a Sabre2 150 should pack nicely into, but not the other way around.

Pack volume also depends a lot on humidity. Canopies generally pack up smaller in more humid climates, larger in drier climates.

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