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First of all let me start by saying that i do not work or own shares in Airtec (the company that produces the Cypres2).

That said i believe that too many people complain :P and not enough people that will give a compliment when it's due. :o

Recently i had to send in my Cypres2 to Airtec in Germany to get the display unit fixed as i broke it (long story on how, but i managed). :(

I just wanted to publicly thank the Airtec team for a quick and efficient service and specifically Sandra (the lady that i mailed) for her friendly, efficient, and professional service. ;)

It was a real pleasure dealing with them. When buying a product the after-sale service i of great importance to me and they outdid themselves.

Thank you ;):):$;):ph34r:

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They are awesome when it comes to customer service. They flew a guy 5000 miles overnight to bring me a new AAD when mine had trouble last year. ;)

Dude, you are so awesome...
Can I be on your ash jump ?

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