ok, critique again por favor

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the "All Wood Floors" text and the "Serving The Houston area, etc..." below that is hard to read... because the background is a bit too busy (and the text is too dark)...

there also seem to be some spacing problems with the links across the top... they should be evenly spaced... at least IMHO...

oh, and some of the sub pages seem to be written in a foriegn language... :o:D
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BE very carefull when changing the size of the images... you can easily tell which images are being distorted thus producing a very ugly effect.

For the images to fit right on the space you need, there is a tool you should be able to search for, called CROP. I dont remember if Front page has it, but you should be able to make the image bigger, without changing its aspect, and then strip any portions that might overflow its designated area.

Other things Id look into...
- If you are using some links (Word LINK) in uppercase, then make ALL clickable objects uppercase. One of the most important details on webpages is to be consistant. You can, for example, make the top menu buttons with smaller font size BUT with the whole word uppercase. (Ex: Change "Our Services" to "OUR SERVICES" and use a smaller size for that same font)
- The flag looks funny (short and Fat)
- The baby too (you stretched her)
- The "All wood floors" Ad is difficult to read because it has Black fonts + BLACK DropShadow Effect + Dark Background. If you like the Background Dark + the Dark fonts, switch the drop shadow effect to a luminosity effect. That way, the color between the letters and the background will be a faded white, thus making it more legible.
- The "Quality" label of that side box is 2 or three pixels taller than its background make the whole image smaller if you can and the center.

Hope it helps ;)
Keep up the great work!! youve made a great improvement!
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sorry yall, i forgot to ention that ive only just started on the index page, hey thanks for the photoshop tip ill look into it, good eyes on the baby and the flag, im just having alot of trouble with the tables and cells reformating them to different sizes and spacing, i assume it has something to do with the spacer images that are embedded in it, im working on putting a bevel on the wood bar at the top, the way i had it was i had these pictures on it that stretched out quite a bit and you would get it to where you would have to scoll horizontily to see the whole page but only just a bit, right now im just trying to keep it constrained to its original width and height.
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