What is your favorite "Real Men of Genius" Commercial?

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If you've been listening to sports broadcasts on the radio in the US (don't know if they've been airing these in other countries), then you've probably heard this ad campaign by Bud Light, which has been going on for over five years now.

And damn, are they still hilarious. :D

For awhile they were airing on TV, and they featured the lead singer from Survivor. I know the "Mr. Way-too-much Cologine Wearer" one was made into a TV version, but I don't know which others (if any) were.

Kudos to Bud Light for giving me a spleen-busting laugh while I'm listening to my Blackhawks games. :)

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Announcer: Budlight Presents: Real Genius
Male Singer: Re-eal Genius
Announcer: Today we salute you, MySpace addict
Male Singer: MySpace a-addict
Announcer: You thought you could just log on once, but little did you know it would consume your life. Joining one pointless group was just not enough. Adding every person you never spoke to in high school, and people you've never met who live 3000 miles away just to be "virtually" popular.
Male Singer: Why won't you add me?
Announcer: You with your 34659 "friends." Because porn stars, actors, TV shows, movies, and the people on G4 really like you. IM wasn't enough to feed into your stalker-ish behavior.
Male Singer: I just got blocked
Announcer: Thanks to a digital camera, Photoshop, and large amounts of alcohol pictures vaguely resembling you can be ogled by total strangers.
Women Singers: Do you think I'm pretty?
Announcer: So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Compulsive Away Message Checker Turned Myspace Psycho. Sure, you're not popular at the bar, but in virtual reality, you're the life of the party.
Male Singer: My Space a-addict
Announcer: Bud Light Beer, Anheuser-Busch St. Louis, MO

:D :D :D
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If ya can't be good, look good, if that fails, make 'em laugh.

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My favorite is "Mr. Giant Swiss Army Knife Inventor Guy". :D

It goes ON AND ON AND ON when it lists the components. :D

Heyyyy...that was my favorite one. Just cause I actually have the knife he's singin about.:P It literally wore a hole in a pair of shorts in a weekend campin trip because of how much it freakin weighed. Now I just keep it in my truck. ;)
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My favorite is definitely the toilet paper refiller one. But this is because the owner of the race track in Twin Falls, made a 'commercial' with this song using his son as the star. His son worked there and was the restroom attendant...it was seriously the most funny thing I have ever seen, and i think about that video every time I hear the song. :D
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Alright guys, I've struck the motherload!!! This CLICKY has every "Real Men of Genius" and "Real American Heroes" commercial I can think of... I'm still going through em.:D

So far, my favorite is "Mr. Athletic Groin Protector Inventor":D:D:D
Some people refrain from beating a dead horse. Personally, I find a myriad of entertainment value when beating it until it becomes a horse-smoothie.

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