Making a velcro rig free flyable??

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Just some food for thought.

I PERSONALLY would rather jump a modern container with no AAD, than try to freefly in a container that was not designed for direct air flow... and has aged.

I choose to jump an AAD because I think it prudent and I can afford it.

But if I had to choose between freeflying in an unfit rig and jumping with an AAD, my choice is clear.

In my mind, it is more likely to have a premature container opening; horseshoe malfunction; or premature reserve deployment at a high rate of speed, on an old container than it is likely to be knocked out in freefall.

I have noticed that people will spend thousands of dollars on electronic devices that should be used as BACKUP, but they will look to save money on the container that is the actual life saving device.

Besides my unsolicited opinion, RW does not support the tuck tab mod on the Vector IIs. You can get all new velcro, a bridle protector mod and stiffners in the flaps. But that will only take you so far. Acceptable if you are doing the occasional barral rolls, flips, etc.

But if you want to Freefly or jump in a manner that has direct air flow on the container for the duration of the skydive, you should get a modern container.

Just my opinion. Worth what you paid for it.!

Peace and Blue Skies!
Bonnie ==>Gravity Gear!

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Does anybody have experience with making a vector II with velcro freefly safe? I have heard of a tuck tab retrofit but couldn't find anything on RW's website. Any info or smart ass coment welcome. thanks

We have done it in the past.
The problem is that we have to apply for a field approval and wait for the paperwork to come back from the FSDO for each and every container.

It actually is a good mod, but probably not worth the effort now!

Skyworks Parachute Service, LLC

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Personally I would recommend buying a newer container designed for free flying. and use the older one for a spare or backup rig for other types of jumps.

An example of this I have a MT1XX military rig that I jump for what ever I want but do not use it for Photography or RW. I have a Vector 3 for those jumps., and the good thing is I can do back to back jumps if needed. But just dont trust that spring loaded PC near the helmet camera........ Too many people have died from possible entanglments...

But if you want to go through the whole process start with a master rigger in your area.
Kenneth Potter
FAA Senior Parachute Rigger
Tactical Delivery Instructor (Jeddah, KSA)
FFL Gunsmith

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