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My sister glad to loan me $3,000 for full skydiving equipments as a rig, alitmeter, google, helment, and etc. I hate banks cos they add interest. How did she get money from? She own horse boarding business.
Flyin' Dawg or SkyDog

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yeah, she's kick-ass. Some people met her at Skydive the Farm last year.

I hear great things about the Farm and LP as well as other dropzones. Once I'm licensed and have enough expierence under my belt it would be cool to take a DZ roadtrip (one of the many perks) of the sport, from what I can tell........shwEEEEEEEEEET :)
Edited to add: I love roadtrips B|
Dialogue/commentary between Divot, Twardo & myself -

"from your first Oshkosh when the three of us were riding to or from one of

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That's cool that you're both okay with that. Me, I'd rather owe a bank than another family member. :S:|;)

So I try and I scream and I beg and I sigh
Just to prove I'm alive, and it's alright
'Cause tonight there's a way I'll make light of my treacherous life
Make light!

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