College boys & Girls - lets hear your fall schedules

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Okay, in accordance with a beloved DZ.com tradition - lets hear your fall schedules. For you old & graduated types, fell free to heckle all you'd like. :P

I've got....

- Operations Research I - I think I'd rather shoot myself
- Manufacturing Processes & lab - Basically a big shop class:P
- Engineering Physics & lab - Fun with calculus
- Introduction to Industrial Engineering - I should have taken this
class my freshmen year. :)
- Symphony orchestra - My favorite class.
=========Shaun ==========

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Honors Stats - with the same instructor I had for intermediate algebra; she's awesome so I expect this class to be a lot of fun.

Advanced Comp - I just want to get this one over with. English classes take all the fun out of reading and writing...

History of Asian Civilization - the first of two semesters. Looking forward to both of them; I know NOTHING about Asia's history.

Geography 300 (and the lab) - I'm wait listed for this one; hope I get it.

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Structured Programming (MATLAB. fuck matlab)
Thermodynamics II
Fluid Mechanics II
Engineering Measurements & Lab
Art History - lol

along with working 40hrs/wk at my engineering co-op designing/testing specialty high data rate electronic connectors.

my weeks rock. school or work every day from 8am to 9pm with 30min breaks for lunch/dinner every weekday.

at least I get paid pretty well and school is free.

edit: the 8am-9pm doesn't include time spent studying or homework. if thermo/fluids requires me to do homework instead of skip class and show up for tests I'm going to go insane.
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It's been awhile since I posted, but seeing as how this is my LAST semester of undergrad, I'm excited to share!

I'm a Sociology major, but I am taking a bunch of psychology courses to fulfill some electives and they seemed the most interesting.

-Abnormal Psychology
-Social Research Methods (Hate this class! Already dropped it once, but it's required to graduate!)
-Intro to Human Sexuality ( OH YEAH! )
-Developmental Psychology
-Medical Terminology (easy elective, online)
I'm so funny I crack my head open!

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ITEC 4375 – Project Management & Practice – Wednesdays 7-10pm
LOGT 2362 – Intro to Logistics Technology – TTH 4-5:30pm
ITEC 4397 – Select Topics in Info Systems Technology – TTH 5:30 -7pm

And that will be it for my bachelor’s degree, I will graduate in December! I took my first college course in 1995; it’s about time…


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Fall schedule? What's that? :):D:P I'm done with classes until vet school. YEAH!!!

Best of luck to those who have the pleasure of going to class this fall. :)

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Starting a few classes towards my Master's in Engineering, just not sure if I want to do Aero or something else yet at Univ. of Colorado

But I got:

ASEN 5050: Spaceflight Dynamics

or ASEN 5158: Space Habitat Design

I haven't decided yet :P

As much as I hate school and am glad to have graduated from undergrad this past April....I can't stay away :(

Puttin' some stank on it.

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