What is your favorite sexual position???

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I'm not sure what it is called. First you need a viking helmet with good strong chin strap, an ostrich feather, a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries and a rubber chicken.

.........maybe this is TMI.:$

Never mind.

Old joke. Does anyone know the speed limit for sex?

It is 68. If you do 69, you'll eat it.
50 donations so far. Give it a try.

You know you want to spank it
Jump an Infinity

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from time to time I prefer the two girls in a 69 position, having fun with each other.
then I can choose between two (or three, if possible) nice opportunities on each side of that.
try it yourself, you´ll like it.

but serious, I´ve tried hundreds of positions in different locations and I am not able to point one out.

it depends.
on top of a skyscraper at night, doing doggystyle to your support before jumping is awesome.

but if it is the right moment, having your beloved girl floating on her back in a clear and warm lake during sunset, her skin still smelling like the sun, and you can taste the beautiful scent of her p...y, short before she slings her legs around you is very breathtaking also.
(especially if your face is under water during the first part...)

-live long and explore-

With sufficient thrust,
pigs just fly well

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EVERYBODY on TOP....I love twister with oil!
Granted there is a Chiropractor present ;)
(what can I say, I'm a community mined/social guy)
**just a silly answer to a silly question**

I prefer to be in an entiwned legs/ on top but, to the side position (scissored legs) it allows closeness and kissing without being right on top. I need to be passionate in odered to enjoy it.:)
If I could be a Super Hero,
I chose to be: "GRANT-A-CLAUS". and work 365 days a Year.

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I don't really have one. Well, there is this one, but I don't know its name. It takes some talent on the part of the guy. ;) It's kind of an awkward position for thrusting. :D

Would that be with you lying flat on your belly?

I had to dig this up didn't want to make a repost
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