Free Beer in NYC!!

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On Friday night. If anyone happens to be out and doesn't mind an English bloke with nothing to do tagging along and buying them a few beers.

I am in the city for the weekend but my friend from upstate can't get down until saturday so I have nothing to do on Friday night. If anyone is around and fancies some beers then let me know - I am staying, rather improbably, in my cousins flat on times Square but he is also unavailable.

What a well planned trip by me!


Gods don't kill people. People with Gods kill people

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Good thing I'm not in NY. I learned enough hanging out with Macca (Zeemax) that there's not enough bail money on the planet when going out drinking with you Brits.:P

Sky, Muff Bro, Rodriguez Bro, and
Bastion of Purity and Innocence!™

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