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While I read police reports in newspaper. It's laughed my ass off! Look what it say as exactly words from newspaper.

From Effingham County Sheriff's Office:

"Deputies responded to a Sandhill Road residence for domestic dispute. The woman there told them that she and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument over how to spell the word "Who." (Or maybe it was"Hoo" as in Boo Hoo Hoo. Or "Woe" as in Woe Is Me. Or "Whoa" as in Whoa Boy! Stop This Thing!)"

Flyin' Dawg or SkyDog

"To understand is to forgive, even oneself."

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Burglars working to cut their way through a roof and into a tobacco and liquor store in Des Moines earlier this month misjudged their location and spent much of their time drilling a hole to the sidewalk outside the store.

"They forgot to take into account the overhang," said Rich Bartlett, owner of Southside Tobacco & Liquor, 2424 S.W. Ninth St.

This is the best part... they missed again.


Scott Austin, with Bailey Roofing Contractors, was repairing the roof in two places on Wednesday. The burglars tried to drill a second hole closer to the center of the roof but apparently gave up before getting through.

It gets better...


A woman walking her dog saw the would-be burglars on the shop's roof on Sept. 17 and told them to get down, adding that she would call police if they ignored her. The youths jumped down in front of a security camera.

"Right here is where he jumps down," said Bartlett, as he reviewed a surveillance tape. "And right here," he said, pausing to wait for the right frame, "is where he looks right into the camera.

"I told the cop, 'You don't spend your days chasing geniuses, do you?' " he said.

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