"Katana 135, 150, 170 now available"

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I didn't mean that line about being cool as a direct shot to you, Travis. I didn't deserve that asshole attack from you.

Ok, I thought you did. My come back was meant to be a funny response, not an asshole attack, but my humor was poor this morning... Apology sent via PM too, and 1st post deleted. Sorry.

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no not really, i have put quite a few jumps on the 150 katana.I have video of me doing 300ft+ swoops on that thing. I also had the 135 for a while. Loaded at about 2.1 Just because they are bigger then the usual doent mean they cannot swoop.Much greater speed on the 135 but i still got speed on the 150 yet more distance. Just wondering why you need a smaller canopy to get a better swoop?
It all boils down to the pilot. You can put to different people on the same canopy and both will react different due to the level of skill. Maybe take a course and learn more about the canopy before bashing it because it is of a larger scale

do you realize that when you critisize people you dont know over the internet, you become part of a growing society of twats? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

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