strep throat

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Now how am I supposed to teach with that???
How many times a year does the average person get it?
I must get it 3 to 5 times a year! Ouch.

Are you just guessing or have you had a culture done. It has been many years since I have had that and if you get it that often there is *definitely* a problem. Your immune system may be weakened.


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Do you still have your tonsils? I had mine taken out when I was young because I got strep a lot. I think I've had it only twice since.
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besides brushing teeth, gargling with mouthwash, start gargling with a a warm salt water solution at least every two weeks if not once a week before bed. I do twice a week on monday morning before I start my day, and thursday evening before I end my day...

I use 1and1/2tsp of salt to 10-12oz of the hottest tap water that I can stand and gargle that whole solution.
It can and will gag the holy (did I hear you are a "Nun"?, i'm not out of line with that word am I ?;)) ...crap out of ya in the beginning but over time (cpl months) it will be more tolerable!

You can rinse with clear water if you want.

I will do this 2-3 a day if my throat starts to feel scratchy (winter /summer doesn't matter) just to quell any bad bacteria that may be trying to invade me...

Have not had strep in 30+yearsB|, I have been a smoker 28yrs (ack:o) but my kids have!!

They'll learn!!!:S[:/]>:(;)

after I posted I saw the tonsil thing between you and Andy... I STILL HAVE MINE!

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Make sure that you are changing out your toothbrush and coffee cups....you may be reinfecting yourself in some way - just something to think about.
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