Strange PM i just got

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I dont post in these forums for credibility. I post here for discussions.

If anyone takes anything on the internet with more than a grain of salt then they are asking for trouble.

Uh huh!

I've had 2 jumps for quite some time now. My C number is accurate though. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out... [:/]

Anyway, I got crap about the numbers A LOT when i first did it. I told them simply I will always have 2 jumps. My first, and my most recent. Some day, hopefully a looooong time from now I'll still have 2 jumps, but they will represent my first and last, though that last one I'll be present only in spirit and dust.
It's your life, live it!
RB#684 "Corcho", ASK#60, Muff#3520, NCB#398, NHDZ#4, C-33989, DG#1

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