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Looking at a VECTOR 2 STUDENT RIG V10.
Was wondering if A rigger would convert it from static line and plastic cable student rip cord to BOC deployment? And If so if it would even be worth doing.

Just Comming off student status and looking for an entry level system please advise weather I could work with this rig for a while while I get comfortable
before before going all out and getting a new rig.

Thanks for any info.
attached is a picture of the rig.

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I jump an older Vector student rig. I took it to the factory and had them completely replace the harness. I did keep the adjustable Main Lift Web and adjustable laterals. I also had them put B12 snaps on. They also removed the static line stuff and the rig already had a BOC on it. I paid $150 for the rig with freebag, reserve pilot chute and risers. Then I spent $550 to have the harness replaced and the other changes.

Even though I did all of this, I wouldn't recommend it for someone else, unless you know specifically what you are doing and why you are doing it. I did it because, I'm a very large jumper and I routinely lose and gain weight. I wanted the ability to adjust it completely.

There are plenty of good used rigs on the market.

Blue Skies

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Sure, it is easy to remove the static-line and ripcord stuff to convert that old Vector to BOC deployment.
Now the question is: "Is it worth it?"
That depends upon what size of main canopy you plan on packing in it. If your intended main is close to the size - of the container - easy.

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