L.O.S.T. helicopter skydive

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Anyone know who did the night jump from the chopper in the rain on the tv show LOST?

Oh, btw.... What the fuck was that episode about? It is getting so deep and failing to answer so many questions.
I remember the numbers use to be such a massive presence in this show and now they are non existent. I remember J.J. saying that they would not go on more about the numbers but an answer would be good.

Also, i noticed one of those passports was a New Zealand passport. Unless new zealand has changed their passport from blue to red that was a mistake. Everything though means something in lost so i wonder why it was a new zealand passport.

So time is playing a factor in this show, you notice the timmer was 31 minutes different from the one on the island, this also happened right when jack said how long he had been on the island for. So if 2 hours and 45 minutes on the island is really 3 hours and 16 minutes in real time then that means for every 2 hours 45 minutes the island is behind by 31 minutes.
They have been on the island 100 days. can anyone do the maths and figure out how long in real time they have been on the island using those rules?

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