Grease on a BASE canopy

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I was wandering if anyone knew if grease from a railroad track would damage a BASE Canopy. The canopy only has about 50 jumps on it and is f 111 and zp composite top skin (where the front third of the topskin is zp) I imagine there are spots of grease on both the f111 and zp. I have talked to other VERY experienced base jumper who also happened to be riggers that had grease all over their canopy as well and they said it shouldn't be a problem. Also, I was wandering if there are persons who believe it is a problem, if there is a safe way to remove the stains.

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Hey Ryan, how's it going? Before you try to clean the 'grease' off of your canopy, I think you should take a closer look at it. I suspect that it's actaully some used K Y Personal Lubricant.

Any chemicals needed to clean grease may not work for K Y.

As a side note, whats a guy who's about to have quadruple triplets doing messing around with K Y? I figured you would have learned your lesson, and kept it in your pants.

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This thread may be useful.


i agree, the linked thread gives excellent instructions on how to "soak" the goop of your canopy onto a clean cloth.
I have used carbo-sol with excellent results from
train track related FOD.

I have found carbo sol at well stocked hardware stores, stores other than Home Depot type mega-stores.

good luck.

be safe


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