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Not fer nuthin'...;)

But just because someone wears hardware from a deployment device around their neck as 'jewelry', doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to make a statement regarding their belonging to the subculture that knows what, why and how that pin is REALLY supposed to be used....:S

I mean Hell...I saw a whole rack of them with beads and sparkly stars, in a shop on Venice Beach two weeks ago.:D:D:D

Some 13 year old girl with braces couldn't decide on a stainless or painted black 'closing pin' on a purple leather lanyard.:$

She was telling her girlfriend that they 'mean'
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Yeah...right...unless ya forget to cock the pilotchute!:ph34r:

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No, swear not photoshop...trust me, I can barely figure out how to use my scanner, let alone make something look like it isn't.

It's a real picture, just my cheap $99 scanner that makes it look photoshopped :P

ask PLFexpert, she's also a scanner expert clicky her thread
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a) The picture is genuine...it was published a couple of months ago in the 'rest room reading' publications

b) She probably went on a tandem jump and bought a closing pin

c) Then again who knows, the Czechs are a pretty sporty nation. Someone write to Skydive Klatovy and ask if Petra Nemcova went through AFF there

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It's mine, it's the closing pin from the rig I used on my Cat 10 qualifying dive; Brit thing, you have to do a 4 point 4 way before they let you play properly with others - called FS1 now I think.

Packing after the jump I realized that I was going to have to replace my pilot chute etc., and thus kept the old pin and made a necklace. Fortuitous really since it now had special meaning, didn't take it off after that.

Simon, a mate of mine and Petra's boyfriend, was killed in the tsunami. I gave my pin to Petra - who incidentally is one of the most lovely people on the planet.

Funnily enough, Petra's now started skydiving!


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