First skydiving photo from Mars

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The NASA Jet Propulsion Lab web site has a photo of the Phoenix Mars Lander descending under parachute yesterday en route to landing on Mars. The photo was taken by a high resolution camera on an orbiting spacecraft (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).

It's not very detailed, but just being able to take this picture is pretty cool.

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Parachuting, not skydiving. Mars Polar Lander tried that in December 1999 after inadvertently cutting away due to insufficient pinchecks. It unfortunately impacted moments later as it had no reserve.

Robotic Martian CF someday perhaps?


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This NASA mission is the coolest!

This site appears to have them all:


These overhead photos taken by the MRO satellite
shows the Phoenix lander, its jettisoned heatshield
AND cut-away parachute:




Man, I wish we could use Earth-orbiting sats
to locate canopies lost in the corn...... :(

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