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I'm confused by Facebook. I registered a few months ago, but I did nothing with it for a long time. I just threw in a little bit of info. and began adding a couple of friends today, and I have also been added. I have no idea how people can see me, except by looking at others' friends or maybe doing a search.

This is my link (I think):


Wow, I feel like a retard posting that I'm not sure, if that is my link. My apologies for not knowing what I'm doing on there, but I don't want to spend the time figuring it out right now.

If anyone wants to befriend me, I'd like that. I have 5 friends right now. :$

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yeah....that is how it has been for me....mostly I keep forgetting about the account but I have friends that are on myspace that are leaving for facebook so that is why I joined. Look me up;)

edited to add:
Here is my link -

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I have a strong regard for the rules.......doc!

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