Weekend numbers! (8-8-08, 8-10-08)

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Wife out of town [:/] : 5 : 0

It was fun to shake the rust off with 5 fun RW jumps. Spent some good quality time chatting with Lisa watching the sunset, etc.. I always feel like I'm returning home when I head out to the DZ. Only interesting thing that happened was I was sweating my lines on my main knowing they were due to be replaced and sure enough I had a really effed up opening on the last load which resulted in a broken inside C line. I was able to fly it and flare so I didn't chop it but I knew they were due so on every opening I was ready and sure enough... :P Davis has a really good thing going on up there.

4 way gives me such a hard on, even if it's soft 4 way instead of hard core... :ph34r::D:ph34r::D


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