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LONG POST, SORRY: read it if you want, skip it if you want.

I was on a business trip to a visit a customer with a handful of my coworkers, back when I’d only been jumping a year or so. In particular was my boss’s boss’s boss, the VP in charge of my plant, a gruff and scary but actually really nice guy named Bill. For the purposes of this trip, we were all riding in the company King Air, at cruising altitude and sipping on sodas and munching snacks. Now, as mentioned, I’d been jumping a year; it was long enough that most everyone at work knew I was jumping but still fresh enough to be a topic of conversation. The VP had never heard that I jumped though, so of course we had to have the requisite skydiving conversation. One person asked if I’d ever jumped out of a plane as small as a King Air before, and I had to explain that at that point (as I jumped at a Cessna DZ regularly) the King Air was actually the LARGEST aircraft I’d ever jumped from. We talked about the modifications necessary to jump from the King Air, why it was a good jump plane and a not-so-good jump plane, and whatnot. And of course, it ended with the requisite statement from the VP: “I just don’t understand why anyone would jump from a perfectly good airplane.” Fak.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, until we were about to come in for landing. The pilot turns around and mentions there will be a little weather to descend through at our destination, but it shouldn’t be too bad. No problem, we think. We adjust our seatbelts, make sure all the drinks are put away, and promptly descend into what must have been the fourth or fifth level of Hell.

I’ve been around planes all my life, and even I was impressed. That plane was jumping and dropping and rolling all over the place, the turbulence was that awful. Nobody was praying out loud, but you could tell most of us were sharing a couple words with the Big Guy in our heads. At one point an air pocket or whatever made it feel like the plane dropped a hundred feet, even though it was probably only five feet or so. But it was enough to shake everyone up so bad, most of us actually groaned.

And without even thinking about it, I looked across the cabin, locked eyes with the VP, and shouted over the engine and storm noise:

“So you see Bill, THIS is why I never ride ‘em DOWN!”

The only thing louder than the thunder and lightning was the laughter filling the cabin. It was totally unplanned, I didn’t think for a moment about what I had said, but it was just what everyone needed to lighten the mood in the cabin.

To this day, that’s my favorite whuffo reaction.

Elvisio "money says Bill is still telling that damn story" Rodriguez

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Yeah.. I was watching a tandem video with some people a couple wks ago and one of them said "Going up" when the canopy was deployed.

They really don't get it...

Tandem videos are fake, and bad ones at that.

You can see the string holding them up in most... :|
Stupidity if left untreated is self-correcting
If ya can't be good, look good, if that fails, make 'em laugh.

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