Hook knives placement on a vector3?

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My Vector 3 has it in the left legstrap. If I was to get another one, I'd probably put it in the right 3 ring cover - that way I'd have low and high, left and right.

That is exactly where I put my second one!
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Left legstrap on the back side... When I asked the same question, everyone said leg strap and I could not find it until I thought out of the box and found the built in pocket... ;-)

There have been a few threads about the science and wisdom of which way the knife should face depending on which location you put it... For an example, cutting your chest strap off while removing your mud flap mounted knife would not be, as Martha Stewart might say, "is NOT a good thing."

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A wise man once told me to wear four. b/c:

1. You won't be able to reach the first one...
2. You'll be so ampted, you'll drop the second one...
3. You'll need the third to save your life...

"why the fourth?" I asked...

"dude, you gotta have a backup" was his reply

To answer the original question, back of the legstrap is standard location for RWS, but if you get the one piece leg pad design (w/ or w/o hip rings) you can have the knife placed on the front rather than the back. Which might make sense for visability and I've found it less likely to get knocked loose from moving around the plane.

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