Giant Frowny Face in the sky tonight.

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http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,459428,00.html Here's another link. Due to the movement of the moon during the time periods when it will be visible, different parts of the world will get a different display.

Apparently, Australians got to see a proper right-side-up smiley face.
In America we'll be getting a sort sidways, half-upsidedown frowny face.
In Europe and Africa, they will see some kind of mutated sureal fucked-up version.
Speed Racer

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Been watching Venus and Jupiter for a couple of weeks now right at dark. Would make a cool night jump background. Every August 12th (or around there) the summer meteror shower happens-we always have a party celebrate-nothing like watching 60+ falling stars an hour. Mother nature always has the best show.
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