Weekend Numbers: December 27 & 28, 2008

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Winds and blowing snow Saturday but Sunday was nice:

A nine-point 2way

A Sesame Street letter T dive

Some screwed up 4way where all I saw was Hobie's face laughing and Dan's knee right before it slamed my face

A 10K XC sunset load with exit temp of 22. Took pics and tried to enjoy the "brisk" air.

Wanted to throw on the strobe to get to 200 but everybody was into the beer after the XC.
It's called the Hillbilly Hop N Pop dude.
If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough.
That's fucked up. Watermelons do not grow on trees! ~Skymama

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Please rub your skydiving my face!!! :P

Weather sucked here Saturday and Sunday! :(

Come on Mexico & Puerto Rico!!!!! B|B|

:) : 0 : :D:D

Sunday 4 dives, temp around 68, wind around 5mph. :)
'To fly is heaven, to freefall is divine'

'You only need 2 tools. WD40 for when it doesn't move but should, and duct tape for when it moves but shouldn't'

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Triple Zero's for me.

But I did hook up a new main for a jumper, fix a twist in the lines for another, sanded the sides, finished painting, sealed and put on Todd's memorial locker door, made a cover for my special bar stool at the dz, worked on the 2008 student report, updated the club roster, tried to work on the financial report, made sure the grill starts for New Year's Eve, weather stripped the west clubhouse doors and made a little more room in the beer fridge for the beer that doesn't fit.

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3 tandems
2 AFF jumps
1 coach jump
1 tandem video

beer owed for first AFF jumps

It was almost 50 this past Sunday in Kansas in December, couldn't ask for nicer weather for this time of year in the midwest.

"You start off your skydiving career with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience up before your bag of luck runs out."

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finally got to check out our plane after the new engine and prop. That thing is like a rocket...well for a 182.

Worked on backflying and sitflying with hobie :S

Did my first XC. I was in for some crazy air time. Had I not finally popped my toggles I could have stayed up for another 20-30 mins. But like Buff said it was cold and I wasn't wearing all that much. My beer didn't help either.

My other first was getting slammed on opening. Wasn’t too bad but my neck and back are still sore. It was a ridiculous slam. Canopy was opened within 100ft and then collapsed into a snivel for the next 800. [:/]

Buff did I hear you say Gay Bar Fight for your 200th?;)
DS #149
Yes I only have 3 jumps...it's the magic number dude.

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I don't always adhere to the beer rules.
Sometimes I just buy a round for an obscure "first" if I feel like it.

One of the current ones:
Lugging my parachute around the country all weekend, only to realise come sunday I was never going to make it to the DZ before sunset after all.
First time that has happened to me.
"That formation-stuff in freefall is just fun and games but with an open parachute it's starting to sound like, you know, an extreme sport."

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