Katana vs Crossfire2 vs Radical

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I can only give advice for 2 of the 3 canopies. I have flown both the Crossfire and the Katana. I now own a Katana and I will explain to you why. The Crossfire 2 is a fantastic canopy and the openings are absolutely incredible and I believe better then the Katana even with packing both canopies perfectly. The flight range between the two in my opinion is were the Katana outshines the Crossfire 2. It has one of the most incredible ranges of any canopy I have even flown or owned. I also have a Velocity and I have to tell you the Katana comes real close in the performance department and as far as front risers are concerned it's the best canopy I have ever owned for ease of use. I cannot believe how easy it is to hold down the front risers on the Katana and that it will stay in that dive as long as you want it to with no buffeting whatsoever. The Crossfire just doesn't have quite the range as an equally loaded Katana, but this again my opinion and perhaps others might be able to get the range out of the Crossfire but I was just sold on the Katana as soon as I jumped one. Many of my friends who have flown both canopies are divided on which is the superior canopy so I think your best bet is to go and demo all of them. I don't think you would be disappointed with either canopy as they both are fantastic and both have their strong points. It would be easier if you asked the difference between say a Stiletto and a F-111 9 Cell but these canopies I believe are pretty evenly matched it just depends on what YOU like most in a canopy. Good luck.

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Tell me more,

Can you compare the Mambo with either the XfireII or K ?

The Mamba is targeted at the same audience as the canopies you mentioned. So it has similar characteristics. I've been flying a Samurai 105 before I tried the Mamba 111. I liked it very much; a fun, versatile canopy.
Openings are soft, but keep your shoulders level or it will dive. Possible to stay up there or get down quickly. Maybe not as ground hungry as a K, still easy to swoop.
See also the june 2005 Skydiving magazine article.
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