Skydiver in jail........

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One of our own is in trouble, and it never hurts to reach out to the skydiving community to help a fellow jumper out.....

It has been brought to my attention that a near and dear skydiver friend of mine has found himself in a less-than-fortunate situation.

I don't know much about the whole deal, as I was just informed of it today, but it's my obligatory duty (thanks to the Golden Rule...and karma) to do what I can to help him out. What I do know is that due to a bleak financial situation and a shitty public defender, he is the only one (of four) that is still patiently awaiting release from a Tahoe lockup.

I wish I knew more of the situation before asking for help, but I'm asking that you please find it in your heart to donate a dollar or two to help a good person out. Twenty bucks can go a long way in a silly situation like this...

This is NOT a scam and I can promise you that your money will be a HUGE help for this guy.

Thanks, love you........

"Love all. Trust few. Do wrong to none." -Shakespeare

Gold Coast Skydivers
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A little more information would be helpful too.

Who it is and the circumstances & charges...if he got busted shoplifting food because he's hungry that's one thing, but if it's armed robbery or a third DUI that's a whole other ballgame.

Everybody gets in a tight spot now & then and asking for help isn't unreasonable...but sometimes people are behind bars for a good reason.

What's the skinny?

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Ya gotta be fucking kidding me/us?

My friend is in jail, for what I don't know, please send us money.... Huh?:S

If it wasn't for something totally bogus and/or trumped up, fuck'im, shouldn't have broken the law.

I have very little to no pity.
I have been on the wrong side of the law to many times, and every time was due to my own stupidity.

Hungry = a excuse to shoplift... Bullshit, no excuse.
Plenty of places/people who'll feed the hungry.

ChileRelleno-Rodriguez Bro#414
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You don't even tell us who it is or what happened, yet you're asking for money? Yeah, that ain't happening. :S

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because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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