The Bachelorette

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Yes he did.

I also need a disclaimer that I have NEVER watched The Bachelorette before Monday. I am not a fan of reality shows... but something says I will be watching again on Monday....

Wonder if they could give the men out as consolation prizes to others?!
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As a hopeless romantic, I love this show and the Bachelor....

I was disapointed to see Julien go home, I like him just because he is a fellow jumper... (definitly not the cutest there...:P)

But DAYUM.... isn't Jake quit the hottie.... holy cow!!!

I am completely wrapped up in this season already and have my DVR set....;)

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I have never watched the show before last Monday. I only watched it then because of all of the hype around the men and that one of them was a skydiver.

I'm a little disillusioned by the whole concept. (This goes for the "Bachelor" too, but I'm going to stick to the subject at hand.) I mean really....pick out a bunch of good looking guys who "say" they want to marry her. [:/] How in the hell do they know that for sure? :S

Then they are made to act like "showdogs," performing tricks, stunts and having to look "cute as a button," JUST for the opportunity for a chance at her. Talk about playing with someone's emotions. Some of them actually put their hearts on their sleeves, in the hopes of getting married. B|

And did you SEE the looks on their faces when they weren't chosen? That's just freakin' mean to make them stand there, with a happy smile pasted on their faces, waiting to see if she's going to pick them or not. On National Television, for God's sake!!! >:(


Are we called "DAWGs" because we stick our noses up people's butts? (RIP Buzz)
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Julien, about 500 skydives, from San Diego.

I don't watch the show... but if it's the same guy from SDG that I think it is... cool cat!

"Let's do something romantic this Saturday... how bout we bust out the restraints?"
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OMG, is she okay?

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