Tennessee people and other Southerners

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I think you misinterpreted her meaning...

The way I see it she was trying say "What about us, as complete strangers, makes you think it's ok to make a racist comment to us?"

I think one of the big differences I've seen from North to South is more people think its ok to be a little racist in the South. And yes it is PC thing. The South seems to be the least PC place I've ever seen.

In other words, we are just more honest.

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Racism is alive and thriving in the South. It permeates everything and comes from both sides of the great divide.
I am a New England transplant and find it extremely uncomfortable living here. My choice would be to move back north but my family doesn't care for the winters in New England, so I try to put up with it as best I can. There is a constant palpable tension in the air that is absolutely stifling. Don't see it getting better any time soon.

Before we begin to quantify racist ideology in geographical terms (Though it's obviuosly already FAR too late.), I just wanted to throw in an equally non-scientific anecdotal observation:
The national headquarters of both the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party are located in Illinois.

More people more comfortable in socially voicing their ignorance does not necessarily indicate a greater social concentration of it.
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