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nope...no facebook, myspace, hotmail, youtube...or any other fun stuff on army internet....

just dizzy.com

Actually, I believe the Army has changed its policy on Facebook and Twitter, since the "Army" has Facebook and Twitter profiles. Tried logging into Facebook from Fort Campbell, on a DOIM imaged PC and no sh*t...got on both sites...
So I try and I scream and I beg and I sigh
Just to prove I'm alive, and it's alright
'Cause tonight there's a way I'll make light of my treacherous life
Make light!

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They changed their regulations on social networking sites. They should be unblocked (even if just during non business hours) at most Army terminals.

Hell, 3 years ago, I wasnt 'ALLOWED' to have Facebook or Myspace.

Its a smart move in my eyes, but Im just a lowly IASO. ;)

"I may be a dirty pirate hooker...but I'm not about to go stand on the corner." iluvtofly
DPH -7, TDS 578, Muff 5153, SCR 14890
I'm an asshole, and I approve this message

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